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My favourite field is the outdoor sector; designing large-scale objects or micro-architectures for mass production.

My approach is both sensitive and rational. The solutions I propose are functional, industrially feasible and contemporary. I place great focus on the end product and its finish to make them simple and timeless. Designing the right shape, in line with its context and its user.


Mon domaine de prédilection est le secteur outdoor; dessiner des objets de grande dimension ou des micro-architectures destinés à être produits en série.

Mon approche est à la fois sensible et rationnelle. Les solutions que je propose se veulent fonctionnelles, praticables industriellement et contemporaines. J'aime soigner la forme des objets et les rendre simples et intemporels. Dessiner la forme juste, en adéquation avec son contexte et son utilisateur.


The user's interest is my first concern. Understanding his needs (conscious and unconscious), his behavior and his environment, allow to offer him a functional and desirable product, a product that makes sense!


My approach goes beyond simple aesthetic pursuit.

The products I develop reflect what they really are and express the function they fulfil.
I always look for simple solutions because I believe they are the strongest, the most beautiful and the most sustainable.


I place great focus on the end product and its finish.
The balance of forms, the choice of materials and the subtlety of details bring out the natural elegance of the product. The result is a coherent, high-quality object that the user will appreciate over time.


A simple and high-quality product that meets a real need is the basis for a responsible and sustainable product. For its execution, I look for the "right tech" (adapted to the functional, economic, environmental and social constraints). I will always favour quality, sustainable and - if possible - local materials.

"Design the right thing,

then design the thing right"

Design Council

"Simplicity is complexity resolved "

Constantin Brancusi

"Details make perfection,

and perfection is not a detail”

Leonardo da Vinci

"Designing more sustainable structures is not about deciding what is good or bad, but making more carefully considered design decisions”

Diébédo Francis Kéré


A project is divided into several key phases:


It's familiarizing with the products, the competitive universe, the sector challenges , the resources available, the technologies to integrate, etc.
This preliminary step provides an overview of the ecosystem in which the product will be integrated. It aims to refine the briefing and thus ensure well defined objectives.

The quality of the questions will determine the quality of the ideas!

This is the exploration phase. I will present different orientations at the conceptual, formal and functional levels.

This is the materialization of the concept. It begins with an overall definition of form and functions.
Then, the project is refined to achieve to a solution that (ideally) meets all expectations.
The product is designed in detail.

This phase is supported by the industrial partner.
My role will be to ensure respect and consistency of the project as validated in the previous phases.

The development of a product is not a linear process.

The different stages are permeable and adapt from one project to another.

“Judge a man by his questions

rather than his answers.” 



My 2D and 3D tools will make the solutions tangible. Sketches, 2D plans, 3D modeling, usage scenarios, functional models, visual and functional prototypes will allow us to test, exchange and validate (or invalidate) ideas.



Product development mobilizes specific skills (production, engineering, sociology, ...). It is necessary to use resources where they are most effective. The project team, composed initially by members of your company and myself, will, if necessary, be supplemented by external partners. My ability to transversality and my technical knowledge will allow me to interact with the various partners and suppliers.

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