Suspended shelter offering total immersion in nature, with spacious bedroom and semi-covered terrace.

Trees & People develops and distributs arboreal platforms.



• Design a comfortable shelter to hang between trees to provide an unforgettable experience
to nature lovers.

• Get away from the rustic side of tree-houses.


• Contemporary accommodations offering total immersion in nature and an unusual view
of the forest

• Comfortable space: spacious room, completely "openable", semi-sheltered terrace
• Total safety thanks to a wide safety net
Made up of simple and repetitive structural elements (cost reduction)
Optimized structure for easy mounting
at height

Made of galvanized steel, wood and high resistance textiles.

Distribution: Trees & People
Pictures: ©Trees & People

"No trace" fastening system
developped by: Trees & People

Some Dom'up in Japan :) !

© Louise Charlier