Hard sized camping tent for two people.

Bikok is at the same time the culmination of my studies (senior class project graduated with the 1st class honors) and my first step in the outdoor area, which I am particularly fond.


• Between tent and shelter, Bikok fits resolutely in an approach of "green camping" and "ecotourism" by its minimalist design, its materials, wood and steel, and a shell shaped structure  which integrates itself harmoniously into any landscape.

• Light, its setting-up does not require excavations other than the anchoring of its 4 feet. 
• Kit-Supplied, Bikok is easily to assemble and to move and adapts itself to any soil configuration.

• The floor, supported  by the free standing structure, offers no contact with the ground.

Bikok won the World Crafts Council prize, French-speaking community of Belgium and

the Vitra and Sofam design prizes at the Dynamo Belgian Young Design Awards 2010

© Louise Charlier