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Murvert is a spin-off of the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech University.

Murvert's objective is to reintegrate biodiversity into the city through the development of green building solutions (green roofs and walls). The selection of indigenous plants, which require few resources, as well as the development of a substrate made from deconstruction waste is at the heart of their research.  



The first objective of the mission was to clearly identify the challenges of the green wall:
create a perennial plant ecosystem (a support favourable to the development of plants + a reliable irrigation system),
propose an architectural element that integrates and valorises the building in all seasons.

We built with the client a precise set of specifications:

a light and low-depth supporting structure. Easy to assemble

an irrigation system that is independent of the modules and accessible (without having to remove the plant modules).
independent and replaceable plant modules
modules sized to optimise transport, support an uniform irrigation, facilitate placement and dismantling (handling possible by one man), a format that best adapts to the architecture,


A supporting structure composed of a pre-existing wall system (aluminium profiles + brackets) known and recognised by the facade builders, as well as horizontal supports and clips specifically designed to facilitate the installation of the modules and remain discreet.
an irrigation system installed on top of the modules and accessible from the front + vertical profiles that mask the water columns
a small module made of metal mesh measuring 40x40x10 cm, light and easy to handle.


The galvanised steel trellis + geotextile were chosen because they are discreet, light and minimalist in terms of materials.
In addition, the steel trellis has many advantages:
its grid pattern offers "natural" openings to allow the plant to pass through and contain the substrate,
• it is a standard material, economical, easy to source and work with. The grid faces are easily cut and clipped (no need for major machine investments).
it allows to produce non-standard formats to suit the particularities of the façade.
• thanks to its fineness and regular pattern, the grid also offers an interesting visual contrast with the plant during the winter and gives rigour to the installation.

Designed in collaboration with Thomas Vancraeynest.

Manufactured and distributed by Murvert

Assembly of the first plant modules

testing of different module formats,

mesh sizes and geotextile types

Mounting of the first wall prototype

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