Connected water leak detector to track consumption, detect leaks and send repair.


Shayp is a Belgian start up developping
IoT water monitoring.



• Develop a sensor connected to the water meter to record water consumption and send it through the SIGFOX protocol, low-speed network, on the consumer App.

• Design an easy-to-install and versatile device that fits to a maximum of configurations for a placement at the most connected area in the underground.



• The sensor can be installed in 3 different configurations - laying, fixed on the plumbing and wall mounted. The antenna remains  always in vertical position for an optimal connection to the network. 

• An easy-to-use interface to enable an intuitive startup (no professional installation required).

• A black & white and minimalist device to give an efficient and contempory appearance.  curvaceous and soft design to embody the technical assistance.

Device developped for Shayp

in partership with TRIAXESpro team and Productize.


Project under the program © TRIAXESpro  / MAD Brussels / FEDER / RBC / INNOVIRIS 2016 .

© Louise Charlier